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The Apple iPod is synonymous with cellular audio and audio, and Using the launching on the movie-capable iPod, audio fans don't just will take pleasure in the audio but also video clip.

Herein lies the issue – the apple iPod monitor is only 2.5 inches, and there is no doubt that viewing pleasure may be elevated when we can have A much bigger online video display.

How then can the iPod have a bigger viewing먹튀검증 screen – in order to be viewed as a cellular TV likewise?

To convert your iPod into a Cellular TV, all you have to do is to obtain a MicroOptical Goggles.


You can use this goggle in excess of your regular spectacles or eyeglasses, and where by you don't experience comfy, you can do so more than your Get hold of lenses.

The goggles is quite 먹튀사이트 light-weight at 70 g, using a belt clip that holds the iPod and also the battery pack of 3 AAA-batteries. A cable connects into the iPod headphone port.

These goggles will produce the impression from two very small LCDs by way of a number of lenses directly to the eyes so that you can enjoy video clip on what appears like a 27 inch monitor Television set!

Now, For anyone who is often on the move and travelling, and you'll want to research or review or to receive information and facts from video clip clips, Now you can love 27″ equivalency viewing with the apple iPod.

The one drawback is the expense of the MicroOptical Corp Goggles, which, on the other hand is predicted to fall with need. With no goggles, You should tolerate the viewing from your 2.five inch display screen through the iPod, or dish out around $269 for your Goggles and start to appreciate Cellular Television utilizing the iPod.

With the development of engineering, quickly the battery pack consisting of the 3-AAA dimension batteries will vanish, which makes it far more gentle weight!

In fact, there's nothing to carry back again the iPod from establishing in to the new music participant and mobile Television set participant if you can afford the price of the goggles.